Dev Diary #01 – The Past and Future of Race In The Galaxy

Our first dev diary! How cool is that?

The Past

It all started when I was asking myself. What kind of game do I want to create? What will be my first game?

It needed to be something that I love. Something that I want to play, something that nobody did before.

The premise:

A 2D racing game with rogue-like-like elements, inspired by jewels like Top Gear 3000 and F-Zero.

The FTL Factor:

I was playing FTL a lot. It is a great indie game with an awesome idea, well executed. The 2D graphics is so simple, yet so elegant. Everything merges into one single mood. Ben Prunty did an outstanding job filling the void of space with his music.

With my premise and the FTL factor, I started thinking: “I could do that”.

In May, I started to work on the game with a peculiar approach, inspired by Game Dev Tycoon (this is for another time). But the thing is, The development of the game started only in Januray 2016.

The Future and the Vision


In the next months I will comment about every feature listed above, while they are getting ready.

There are so much to talk, and so much to do!

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If you have any comment, please, don’t be shy 🙂

  • Leiner

    Congratulations! It will be a great game. Good luck.

  • Uma única dúvida: eu comento em inglês ou português? hahahaha
    Finalmente estamos caminhando 🙂
    Curti as cores, esse degradê ficou show de bola.
    Estarei acompanhando e torcendo aqui o/

  • Michael

    O Design está show, parabéns. Se inspirar em elementos de jogos clássicos é a melhor receita.

    • Pois é, o difícil é conseguir “modernizar” essas receitas e ainda assim manter a qualidade.

  • Ariel

    Wow! I’m eager for news about the game. Keep going! God bless you on this job.