Dev Diary #02 – Visual Identity

First of all, I would like to thank everybody that read the first update. This past weeks were not easy, and all the support really helps.

For this second dev diary I want to talk about the Race In The Galaxy visual identity and how things are going in the development side.

How to create a visual identity for a game?

This is a tough question. After some research about the matter, the only article talking about it was this one regarding the art of Braid. It helped a little bit, because I would never expect that a game could have so much iterations in the CONCEPT of the design.

I didn’t have much choice, so I decided to research a couple of visual identity articles about web design and branding. I found some interesting concepts, but all of them lacked the depth of a good game’s visual identity. But there were some ideas that worked for me:

  • 3 words that sets the mood
  • 3 colors
  • 3 typefaces

How to define only 3 words to an entire game? It’s not that hard. I tried to define 3 words for Top Gear 3000 at first, because this game is among the top inspirations for me. When I was a child, I used to rent the game and play with my cousins in the weekends. Everytime that we started the game and the intro started to play, the mood was: This game is HARD… but it brings a lot of EXCITEMENT. The intro and dated UI shows a map of the galaxy and points to the first planet, where we are going to race. The power of the UNKNOWN, what will happen next? The game was COLD and HOT at the same time.

RITG Visual Identity

My 3 words (or concepts) for Race In The Galaxy are:

  • Future Technology / Unknown
  • Space / Cold
  • Excitement / Hot

After selecting the words, the colors weren’t a big of a problem. But just 3 were not enough:

  • Purple is the main color. (Hot + Cold = Red + Blue)
  • The main accent colors will be high saturated Cyan/Aqua and Red/Pink. They contrast with the dark purple and with each other
  • Black can be used a lot to represent space, void and unknown
  • RGB displacement. I know that this might have another name, but it is a visual effect that represents the technology (usually resembling “3D-Effects”) and adds more colors and life, without breaking the theme

I haven’t put much thought on the typefaces. I’m just waiting for the User Interface part of the development.

So, what were the results of these concepts?



Both images are just concepts, and the background photos were used just to test the idea for the visual style. Neither of them are implemented in the game yet.

And while I was building this identity for the game, all the branding of Turtle Hearts studio also came to my mind, and I still need to work more on this. But just for fun, I imagined the Turtle Hearts logo with the new RITG Identity.


So, do you have any comments or impressions?

What are your favorite game visual identities?