RITG Dev Diary – Why we chose Indiegogo instead of Kickstarter

Hi! In this dev diary I want to explain why we decided to go with Indiegogo, even though we wanted Kickstarter since the beginning.

Kickstarter is for rich kids

After months analysig Kickstarter campaigns, spreadsheets, courses and all that, I decided to start working on my campaign.


The first page asks my category, the title of my project, and a inoffensive question, my permanent residence. (Irony alert)

Of course all those blogs, courses and stuff that I spent hours studying does not mention that you can’t live in the third world. (Brazil)

So I started to search more about this, and everything I found includes knowing someone in the US, opening a company in the US, or things like that. All of that because I need to have some number to pay some taxes of some country that I do not live.

Third world problem

As you can see, I was angry with this. But it was only one more step to overcome. I had 2 options:

  1. Go with a national crowdfunding, in a country where 90% of people does not know what a crowdfunding is.
  2. Go with Indiegogo

Well, I took the second option.

Don’t get me wrong. But a national crowdfunding system does not work for an international product. The game is going to be in english, the people that actually will buy it are not from Brazil.

Of course, I’ll not do like other Brazilian game studios. They simply does not talk about it. Most of them I did not know that they were Brazilians for a long period of time, even after playing their games.

Indiegogo to the recue

Indiegogo will help us more than Kickstarter, in my point of view. There are two main reasons for that:

1. Flexible Campaign

While Kickstarter has an “all or nothing” method, Indiegogo give us the option to go with a flexible campaign. This means that even if we do not achieve our goal, we can get the money.

Hold on, I know that this is crazy and dangerous stuff. I’ll explain:

There are campaigns that involves manufacturers to build physical products and all that. We are not doing that. We have a team of people who knows how to build a game. We need the money to pay our bills, and nothing more. Our goal will fulfill this need and will ENABLE us to work full time on the game. If for some reason we do not achieve the goal, I (Vinicius) can promise that the game will be finished, even if I need to take another job and work in my free time.

Thinking like this, all the money is going to the game and will help us as a team to finish it with the quality that it deserves.

2. InDemand Campaign

This means that after the campaign ends people can still participate and back the project. This is good for everybody. We will have more investment on the game to bring more quality and future expansions, and people who missed the campaign will be able to back and receive some cool stuff.

We are not sure if we are going along this path yet. All your comments will help.

What you have to say about all that? Post it in the comments!