Turtle Hearts

Founded in January 2016 by Vinicius Munhoz with the goal of make a different company, with unique values, moved by the will of making awesome games.


Race In The Galaxy

Race In The Galaxy, or RITG, is our main game and it is currently in development. It is a 2D racing game with roguelike-like elements, focusing on the pilot’s life. We want to achieve a high replayability level, simulating various elements as random planets and tracks, racing crews and pilots with wills of their own.



We know that, in the artistic process, an idea takes time to fully develop, because they have to be improved. We also believe that we can improve ourselves, in our professional or personal life. This value helps us in always be willing to improve, both in our development process and in our games.


Even though this is a frequent value encountered in so many companies, it is rarely applied. Transparency is one of the most important values in the game business, where a game’s community is as important as the game itself. Our objective is to share the development process and decision making. If something goes wrong, we won’t hide it.


Instead of brag and say that we create the best games in the world, we will do the opposite. We have full knowledge that we have much work ahead if we want to achieve a place among the great indie studios. Acting with humility assures that we will not promise the impossible, and gives us knowledge of the weaknesses of our games. This all means that one of our focuses is to hear player’s feedback with the intuit of implementing them for real.


We know that the “standard” is a employee to work late for hours and hours to deliver something. We don’t want that. Quality time with family is important, and this must be a right of somebody who works with us. But at the same time, this value also has a meaning for the players: we want to talk to our community as a big family. We care about how we address the players. We want to incentive and share your works, be it videos, mods, streams or turtle gifs.